The Alias folds down to a portable, practical size which can be taken on the bus, the train or fit into the back of the car. Its also compact enough to be taken inside (homes, offices, bars), so it's always safe. Its ride position and agility are better adapted for the city than conventional bicycles. Small wheels mean quicker acceleration from red lights and improved maneuverability through busy streets. The precision engineered tubing and meticulously designed geometry of the frame ensures that the Alias can withstand everything the city throws at it, every day. The Alias's stylish yet unique form is a result of years of designing, testing, refining and re-designing. This bike is born for the city.


The Alias comes in three carefully selected colours

  • Gloss Black

  • Mach Silver

  • Racing Green

Pedelec System

Each Tsinova ebike is equipped with a combination of high-tech components which include: in-house independently developed VeloUP power system in line with on-board auto-level Freescale Chip, automotive Controller Area Network(CAN) bus technology as well as OBD diagnosis system, it is this sophisticated collaboration that is capable of providing a continuously satisfying power output, assisting the riding for each and every step on the pedals, in uphill as well as against-the-wind riding as if riding on the flat surfaces. A remote cloud-based upgrade function is then provided to that the lastest development will reach to owners of each Tsinova ebike for a ever-improving riding experience, smooth and enjoyable!


Powered by the same Panasonic lithium ion battery used by Tesla, the detachable battery can be charged fully in 2 hours yet provide a maxmum 70 KM riding distance in the form of a dictionary for easy allocation and carrying.


Easy connection through Bluetooth on the phone using Tsinova APP, bike information can be viewed, GPS function can be set, location information keeps working within 72 hours after power is cut. Riding history logs can be shared with many other features.


Frame: 20”Frame TT:562mm, ST:420mm
Front fork: 20-inch opening 100mm steel fork
Head parts: 28.6×34×30H 30mm
Brake: Veloup V-brake

Rim: 20-inch
Transmission: patented Tsinova Transmission System
Seat tube(post): 31.6*350mm*2.5t

Technical Data

E-Bike dimensions: 1600x540x(970~1110)mm

Wheelbase: 1100mm
E-Bike weight: 15kg

Peak speed: Assisted Power Stops Once Speed Reaches 25km/h
Battery range: 50km
Load capacity: 140kg

Battery Technical Data

Battery type: lithium battery

Capacity: 5.8Ah

Nominal voltage: 36V

Motor Technical Data

Electric motor type: Magneto alternator (PMSM) 

Rated continuous output power: 250 W

Rated rotational speed: 250r/min

Rated voltage: 36 V

Controller Technical Data

Under-voltage protection value: 32V

Over-current protection value: 10A